TapInn stories

Sergey Marchenko (Ukraine) I learned about TapInn app from my friends. When I was in a new city, TappInn helped me easily navigate and find many unique places in just a week. I really liked the option of quick and easy ordering. I am really grateful to the developers for saving me from spending hours waiting for the waiter.
Irina Grabar (Ukraine) This is a real thing for the people with special diets, vegans, raw food enthusiast, etc. Very easy to find where you can go and check out the menu with pictures. Cool option for online order.
Galina Metelina (Ukraine) I really liked the waiter call function and the online bill request. Really convenient that you can see how much each meal was. We had a table for 7 hungry people, and everyone got a separate bill to pay.
Artyom I ordered food when I was stuck in a traffic jam, and everything was there when we arrived! We didn’t have to starve for another half an hour waiting for food. Really cool.
Karina (Ukraine) I thought that because people never have enough time, all food services will one day become just like the fast food places. No way! TapInn has done it in few minutes. I barely washed my hands – and the meal was on the table. I was extremely impressed. It seems like restaurants are on a safe side now, convenient and quick.
Alex Absolutely cool app! When in a foreign country where I did not speak the language, I managed to find fantastic restaurants, place orders and ask for bills online without gesticulation to the waiter.
Yuri Netyuk (Lithuania) Cool functions, stylish, and most importantly – very useful. I could easily orient in a strange city, found great cafes and received lots of bonuses just in a week. It’s a pity that I can’t use them. Developers should think about how you can give bonuses to another person.
Maria Grean (Ukraine) I am allergic to gluten. A friend of mine recommended TapInn while I was visiting Ukraine. It became real saver. I could read menus in English and communicate with the kitchen and waiter online. Highly recommended.
Vadik Tourist (Hungary) Great app for people like me who order take-away food. Great choice of places, detailed menus with pictures, quick and easy.
Samuel Good thing to have. We loved we had an option of splitting the bill, usually it is not an easy thing for the waiter to do anywhere!!!