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Every restaurateur and seeks to emphasize individuality and strives to develope a unique recipe for their business. Some vital elements, however, remain the same: the menu, service, comfort and guest satisfaction. These are the four pillars we strive to perfect with TapInn. To stay ahead and remain competetive every hotel and restaurant needs not only to offer a range of services but also achieve high degrees of guest satisfaction. TapInn smartphone multilingual applications seamlessly building on a powerful backend do precisely this for any business. TapInn lowers costs, reduces time consuming and redundant activities. Technology and innovation today play a key role in raising productivity. Industry surveys show that the catering sector needs to identify and apply new and emerging technologies as key drivers for future growth. Technology adds value, increases of sales and optimizes staff costs. Stay ahead of trends and maximise your business potential withTapInn. The hotel industry is one that requires balancing the needs of your customers and balancing your labor budget. The key to doing this is by increasing your staff productivity, so you get the most from every hour an employee spends on the clock. How can you do this? TapInn offers five productivity-boosting tools to help you improve the overall guest experience while remaining cost-effective. First, promote communication between staff and guests. Paper menus in today's world are no longer state of the art. Make it easier for the guest to order, increase his control over the order and use technology to push additional sales. Second, apply automation when processing payments. Reduce mistakes when taking orders and make the entire cycle more efficient. Get a true return on your investment. Third, give incentives to your employees who also want to improve productivity by providing an extra stimuli how to inspire your guests with a new option to make orders while collecting bonuses and getting an immediate discount when ordering through TapInn. Fourth, go paperless. Avoid time wasted on collecting orders and transferring them to the kitchen or bar and build up a databases of consumer patterns and preferences to be used for direct marketing. Fifth, reduce workloads and eliminate the largest time wasters. Help waiters and room service to avoid time-wasting functions. Eliminate some tasks altogether and get your employees back on track and concentrate on serving your guests. Reaching higher levels of productivity is an important part of success in the catering industry. Make changes and get the most from your staff. When you kick your productivity up to the next level, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

5 reasons to join TapInn:

Get all the benefits at once!

TapInn offers a number of service packages tailored to you! Frequent communication with our partners, ensures we are constantly working on the introduction of new options to improve our services.

Stay yourself!

TapInn adds an extra element to your existing systems and services. Your business model does not need to change. The customers will simply receive an additional option of online menus and ordering. TapInn is the silent helper.

One, two, and you’re done!

With us you will be saving time, improving your menu, gathering valuable data and stepping forward in customer service. A remote access system and TapInn agents in your city are always available on call to help anyway possible.


Each TapInn service runs a tiered check system before we offer it to our partners. A competent team of consultants consisting of marketing specialists, restaurateurs and business analysts weighs up the risks, identifies strengths and weaknesses. Then when the team provides a positive conclusion the development team start creating another service. This step is following by several alpha, beta tests prior to being offered to you, our valued customer.

Almost or completely free!

First and foremost, we care about the prosperity of our partners. That is why, before asking for payment, we suggest you learn about the free TapInn services. The cost of the paid packages is solely calculated by the number of tables. The cost of the license per client is almost insignificant in contrast to the benefits you will reap from gaining valuable data about your customer habits and preferences.

TapInn services

Participation in the search

When joining any TapInn service, your business is automatically included in the search engine. There, hundreds of thousands of users have the opportunity to see your restaurant and pick your business.

Bonus programs

In order to establish a system of discounts and bonuses, you no longer need to waste your energy, time and money. TapInn offers a flexible, customizable system of bonuses absolutely free of charge.

Call staff

Even the best trained and experienced catering staff do not always manage to respond in a timely and courteous manner to each and every guest request. Sometimes, this can lead to the loss of loyalty of your guests. TapInn offers its own fully automated and free solution to boost the speed and quality of service and comfort. You save money. There is no further need to install or invest in and maintain additional equipment like buzzers or tablets for every table or room. Your visitor's phone and encouragement to use TapInn's electronic menu is all you need. Instant communication is made possible with each table or room, your waiter, kitchen or bar. TapInn software allows to economize on precious staff time, to streamline your business processes, reduce the language barrier and to cater for special dietary requirements. TapInn can provide critical information on allergens and calories allowing to cater for every wish or taste of various consumers be they omnivoirs, vegetarians or vegan. All is of course retriavable and logged for future reference and can be easily analyzed for statistical and planning purposes in your direct marketing.

Log of reviews

If you wish to receive feedback and comments from your visitors, you can opt for the log review. This will help you better understand your guests and maintain contact with them.

Electronic menu

In an age of rapidly evolving technologies, everyone seeks to obtain information in the shortest possible time. Your restaurant’s electronic menu through the App will become an indispensable addition to your business. Guests will be able to place an order instantly through an easy customizable interface with support for different languages. This service will not only simplify the process of ordering food, but it will free-up time for your staff to pay more personal attention to guests. Your staff will be more responsive and productive and the manager can audit response times at any moment. Like all TapInn services, the electronic menu system does not affect any of the usual processes of your restaurant, but merely serves as a convenient addition. Have both paper and electronic menus available! The electronic menu allows for instant updates about meals that are no longer available or the addition of specials and discounts, optimizing your cash flow. No customer wants to have to wave furiously to rudely gain a waiters attention. The call waiter option on the app allows for customers to feel heard instantly without having to interrupt their dinner. Payments can be split and made before the waiter finds a moment to generate and bring a bill. You can even later evaluate the dining preferences of your customers and reach out to them directly with tempting offers.

To offer these and other services to your visitors today, register your business with TapInn.

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