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Every restaurateur seeks to emphasize individuality and strives to develop a unique recipe for their business. Some vital elements, however, remain the same: the menu, service, comfort and guest satisfaction. These are the four pillars we strive to perfect with TapInn.
To stay ahead and remain competitive every hotel and restaurant needs not only to offer a range of services but also achieve high degrees of guest satisfaction. TapInn smartphone multilingual applications seamlessly building on a powerful backend do precisely this for any business. TapInn lowers costs, reduces time consuming and redundant activities.
Technology and innovation today play a key role in raising productivity. Industry surveys show that the catering sector needs to identify and apply new and emerging technologies as key drivers for future growth. Technology adds value, increases of sales and optimizes staff costs. Stay ahead of trends and maximize your business potential with TapInn.
The hotel industry is one that requires balancing the needs of your customers and balancing your labor budget. The key to doing this is by increasing your staff productivity, so you get the most from every hour an employee spends on the clock. How can you do this? TapInn offers five productivity-boosting tools to help you improve the overall guest experience while remaining cost-effective.
  • First, promote communication between staff and guests. Paper menus in today's world are no longer state of the art. Make it easier for the guest to order, increase his control over the order and use technology to push additional sales.
  • Second, apply automation when processing payments. Reduce mistakes when taking orders and make the entire cycle more efficient. Get a true return on your investment.
  • Third, provide incentives to your employees who also want to improve productivity by providing an extra incentive and inspire your guests with a new option to make orders while collecting bonuses and getting an immediate discount when ordering through TapInn.
  • Fourth, go paperless. Avoid time wasted on collecting orders and transferring them to the kitchen or bar and build up a databases of consumer patterns and preferences to be used for direct marketing.
  • Fifth, reduce workloads and eliminate the largest time wasters. Help waiters and room service to avoid time-wasting functions. Eliminate some tasks altogether and get your employees back on track and concentrate on serving your guests.


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3422 users in 73 places in 7 countries all over the world.

TapInn stories

Sergey Marchenko (Ukraine) I learned about TapInn app from my friends. When I was in a new city, TappInn helped me easily navigate and find many unique places in just a week. I really liked the option of quick and easy ordering. I am really grateful to the developers for saving me from spending hours waiting for the waiter.
Irina Grabar (Ukraine) This is a real thing for the people with special diets, vegans, raw food enthusiast, etc. Very easy to find where you can go and check out the menu with pictures. Cool option for online order.
Galina Metelina (Ukraine) I really liked the waiter call function and the online bill request. Really convenient that you can see how much each meal was. We had a table for 7 hungry people, and everyone got a separate bill to pay.

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